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OY08 - Oeby's Yasmeen


Extremely solid, thick-bodied type. Very full, very smooth through midsection and shoulders. Terrific color - dark, dark under-coat, good ring def. Thick ears - slighly folded and base back.

Sire: Oeby's Gideon (Blue)

Dam: Oeby's Carlie (Chestnut)

DOB: Oct 5, 2008




Sire: Oeby's Alexander (Chestnut)

Dam: Oeby's Bo (Blue Otter)

DOB: Nov 29 2008

$150.00 - SOLD

H08 - Oeby's Horatio - Black Otter Netherland Dwarf Buck

H08 - Oeby's Horatio

Black Otter

DOB: Oct 2008

Sire: Oeby's Charlie (Chestnut)

Dam: Oeby's Lily (Blue)

Dilute Carrier. Typey. Great head and ears. Light bones than I prefer.




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5K - Black Otter Netherland Dwarf Doe

Dreamcatcher's 5K

Black Otter

DOB: Nov 15, 2006

Amazing mom. Great Type. Too many otter does.





R76 Oeby's Rebecka - Sable Marten Netherland Dwarf Doe

Oeby's Rebekah

Sable Marten

DOB: June 2006

Good mom. Brood doe- larger, longer ears, slightly narrow head.

Sire: Sugarman's Junior Mint

Dam: Critteranch's BB


Blue Himi

Oeby's Mercy

Great mom.

Blue Himalayan

DOB: April 2008

Sire: Oeby's Samuel

Dam: Critteranch's Mercedes



Policz's Faith


DOB: 7/11/2006

Sire: Chopper

Dam: B&E Cali

VERY pregnant in the photo. Great mom.

$150.00 - SOLD



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Dreamcatcher's L2


DOB: Dec 3 2005

Sire:J-Top's D15

Dam: J-Top's G10

$200.00 - SOLD

Oeby's Bo - DB48 - Blue Otter Netherland Dwarf Doe

Oeby's Bo

Blue Otter

DOB: April 4, 2008



A46 Oeby's Gideon

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A46 - Blue

DOB: June 2006

Sire: Mack's 437 (import) - Blue

Dam: Eckerts 2343 (import) - Black

A little longer in body than I prefer but has great thick ears, a solid body, and throws exceptional offspring with the same super-solid bodies.



3X - Sable Point

DOB: September 7, 2003

Sire: Tiara's J3 - Sable Point

Dam: Lamb's KA - Siamese Sable


R38 Oeby's Robinson - Siamese Smoke Pearl Buck

Oeby's Robinson - #R38

Siamese Smoke Pearl


A76 Oeby's Charlie - Chestnut Netherland Dwarf Buck

Oeby's Charlie


Sire: J-Top's L14

Dam: Oeby's Leah


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